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and Grooming


The unique brand was created in 2010 after exhaustive market research identified what executives expected but could not find. Further, the standards experienced fell short of expectations with facilities typically offering only a limited barbering service in a confined environment. 

Enter XMEN, a completely disruptive and innovative brand that delivered an international experience, combining grooming and wellness in an executive setting. 

The XMEN brand is further differentiated by the exceptionally high standard of services at surprisingly competitive prices in a relaxed atmosphere with the accent on comfort and privacy. 

XMEN has expanded its offering considerably since inception and offers executives a wide bouquet of wellness and grooming options as well as corporate packages, private membership and gift vouchers. 

The XMEN lifestyle experience is priceless. 


Our clients experience the highest international standard of wellness and grooming. Professionally-trained therapists and groomers tend to our clients’ exacting requirements with our objective being to exceed their expectations each visit, so that they leave looking and feeling better. It’s not simply about delivering a service, but ensuring a quality lifestyle experience.


The centuries-old art of massage soothes the mind and body. Executive stress, pain and aches are soothed and eliminated by our professional therapists in a calming environment.

Experience and enjoy one of the many types of massages available. You’ll soon return, we guarantee you that.


An increasingly important routine in mens’ grooming and wellness is regular facial treatments. Men are no different to women; both require facial skin cleansing to ensure its ongoing health and condition. 

XMEN’s estheticians provide a professional service operating state-of-the-art equipment. You must experience a facial to feel and see the difference. 


From hair styling and fading to colouring and haircuts to hot towel shaves – Clients trust our professional groomers to make them look and feel the part.

Even college students and scholars rely on XMEN to give them the edge. Style knows no boundaries. 

Manicure and Pedicure

These are two of our steadfast services that everyone enjoys and usually combines with a haircut.

Not only are they essential to maintaining an executive standard, both are delivered with a gentle massage to help improve blood-flow and a sense of well-being.


Our professionally trained and experienced masseuses offer clients a wide array of therapeutic treatments designed for men, women and couples to relieve stress, pain or discomfort. 

Types of Massages Available

  • Thai Massage
  • Full Body Massage
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Swedish Massage

Thai Massage delivered by skilled therapists.

A Hot Stone therapeutic massage gently dissipates pain and discomfort.

Relief from stress and tension that builds up in the neck and shoulders.

Feel the stress and muscle knots melt way with a Thai massage.

The benefits of a professional massage cannot be underestimated from a business perspective either – Executives facing growing levels of stress at work are able to face the tasks at hand more proactively and perform optimally following a soothing, quality treatment.  

Thai professional therapist working on knee and lower limb stiffness.

Every massage room is themed differently with an accent on peace and quiet.

Manipulation of the joints releases muscle tightness of the legs.

The incredible Ceragem computer massage detects problem areas and applies the treatment through advanced programming.


Men should consider having a professional facial at least every two months to maintain its health and elasticity. Skin health is one of the most neglected routines by men.

Facials start with a gentle cleanse and stimulation to open the pores.

The delicate areas around the eyes are treated with care. Puffiness from every day stress and environmental exposure is gently  reduced.


To stand out in a crowd, a man must look at his best. Sharp looks, modern cut and razor-sharp beard style. XMEN’s groomers will bring out the best in you.

The most satisfying start to a man’s grooming experience – A shave by an expert.

A haircut is no longer just a haircut. Colouring, fading and styling is all part of looking as sharp as you want to be.


XMEN’s pedicure and manicure section is specially fitted out with the most modern equipment to ensure a totally professional result.

Put your feet up and hands out to enjoy live sport on our TVs whilst our therapists get to work.

The condition of your hands and nails tell a story about you. Let our professionals help refine your image.

An XMEN professional pedicure includes your lower leg, foot and toe nails. Be good to your feet, you’re on them most of the day!


The stylish and well-appointed XMEN Private Room enables the executive to experience the range of professional  services in a secluded and quiet environment.

Booking in advance is recommended.

All the equipment and furnishings are imported to ensure our clients enjoy the highest luxury standards available.

Once your treatment is complete, you can even take care of pressing business or simply take in the live news and sport on TV.


XMEN offers a Home Service – Ideal for someone who elects to stay out of the public space.

Booking is absolutely essential.

Our range of services are all available for Home Service with the exclusion of facials and computer massage.

Break the monotony of your day with a relaxing massage in your own home, with the added benefit of not having to drive back there once you’ve finished.


Christina Line of Products

Comodex Clean & Clear Cleanser treats symptoms and manifestations of oily skin caused by hormonal imbalance, bacterial infections, poor hygiene, stress and unhealthy nutrition that affect skin condition.


– Balances sebum secretion and excretion,

– Anti-bacterial, prevents recurrence of comedones (acne),

– Soothes irritation and redness,

– Removes Dirty and Makeup Residue, and leaves the Skin Calm.

Comprehensive Anti-aging treatment


 Minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles,

 Eliminates blemishes and acne,

 Reduces the appearance of freckles or age,

 Increases skin elasticity and firmness,

 Improves skin tone and texture.

A superbly balanced treatment for healthy looking skin.


 Removes dead skin cells and boosts regeneration,

 Removes dead skin cells and boosts regeneration,

 Corrects skin imperfections.

Flawless Skin Whitening


 Removes dead cells,

 Stimulates skin rejuvenation,

 Evens out skin tone and texture,

 Helps in lightening & brightening of the skin.


XMEN gift vouchers are popular with both companies and individuals and ideal as incentives or rewards, or to simply say ‘thank you.’  Our exclusive vouchers come in Platinum, Silver and Diamond


An existing loyal client or just recently joined the elite XMEN society? An ideal way to enjoy more for less is to become a member and with that you automatically qualify for special, discounted rates on any of our grooming or well being services by simply paying upfront for the services. 

Select either a Platinum or Gold membership with the added advantage of being able to keep the money on your own customised XMEN visa card which can be used internationally or locally online, at point of sale or at ATMs.

Kwami Sefa-Kayi
– Brand Ambassador





Philip Ayesu, Founder

XMEN founder, Philip Ayesu, like any other businessman, would patronise his local barber once a month for a haircut and shave.

Whilst waiting his turn to be attended to in a cramped barber shop one day in 1999, he simply got up and walked out, deciding that the overall experience fell short of expectations. 

For the next 10 years he opted for an in-home service from his regular groomer – gone was the wait in a cramped and often noisy environment and more so, he could relax in comfort.

The trusted groomer approached Philip in early 2010 for assistance in setting up his own barber shop. He was happy that he’d be helping the man to become self-employed and agreed to fund the start-up. 

Premises were located and fitted out but much to Philip’s surprise, the barber felt the new grooming business was too large and decided to part ways and start his own micro barber shop! What to do now? He had a fully fitted out grooming business on his hands! 

Undeterred, the entrepreneur developed a business strategy that included an analysis of competitors’ offerings against customer expectations. Like him, his colleagues were disillusioned with what was available and preferred the in-home grooming service. They wanted more than just a haircut and shave. 

It was at this crucial point that Philip Ayesu realised a significant gap existed in the market. Creating a brand that provided solutions to customers’ problems and built on a foundation of service excellence and professionalism in a conducive environment, would not only redefine the market, but disrupt it entirely. Importantly, profit was not a stated business objective, but rather considered to be a natural outcome of providing solutions and ensuring elevated customer satisfaction. 

And so the XMEN brand was launched in 2010. It soon became known as a ‘home away from home experience’ with comfortable lounges, a state-of-the-art sound system, large screen TVs featuring sport, music and news, a pool table and Ghana’s first ‘grooming bar.’ Services were expanded to include haircuts and styling, hot towel shaves, manicures, pedicures and therapeutic massages. It was on par with an international business class lounge. The grooming market had been reimagined.

Central to the strategy was the importance placed on professionalism. Only the most talented and experienced staff were recruited – an aspect that played a crucial role in customers becoming loyal, long term clients over the years. 

Philip Ayesu is proud too that XMEN created a world-first for Ghana with international clients being astonished to find such an innovative grooming concept available in Accra.


We are proud to partner some of Ghana’s leading brands

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