XMEN appreciates all its clients, and remains committed to providing the best grooming and wellness experience in Ghana.

Great service, classy ambiance, good networking and more.

My first real experience with X Men was truly amazing. After being on the move and working back to back, that Thai massage was really what I needed. And of course, the grooming was needed too. Who says a guy doesn’t deserve pampering too?

I have been here from the very beginning, and I am still here at X Men. This is a testament to the quality here.

I really enjoyed being groomed at X Men. Step in and experience superior grooming, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, electronic massage, neck and shoulder massage, shampoo wash, facial cleanse, haircut and ooooh… you will love the coffee lounge and the gentleman’s bar.

The atmosphere is great, staff are professional, and everything is right on point!

I am really happy with the service and how the staff follows safety protocols.

Coming here often shows that I am pleased with the level of quality I am receiving

Keep up the good work, and please introduce more packages to younger folks like us.